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Themed Entertainment

Image by Alessio Zaccaria

Lucifer's Landscape

June 10, 2021

On a desperate witch-hunt for the devil, guests must navigate through his own landscape before he catches them first.

Inspired by the lore of South East England, this haunted attraction tells the story of the Devil's return to the land of his creation.


Genzoya Noodles

November 20, 2021

Excited to taste a new menu at Genzoya Noodles, guests are lured into a magnificent mushroom infested biopunk noodle bar where they are forced to ask: is the food all that it says on the tin?

A gamified counter dining experience concept where guests are invited to explore a restaurant to uncover the truth behind it.

Image by Alex Gagareen

Mr Teufel's Tuition

March 20, 2021

 Thrust into a high-stakes clown initiation, the new recruits must make a choice: partake in a series of gruesome challenges or escape before they face the malevolent wrath of the circus. 

This haunt attraction invites guests to become new recruits at the circus, before it all goes terribly wrong.


Feature Presentation

June 20, 2021

Having finally completed his futuristic renovations of his father’s video store, Duncan Goldwyn is eager to show off his new technology, transporting guests into the movie worlds he loves.

Hit play on a walkthrough trip through your favorite movies, where YOU can live your own feature presentation!

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