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Mr Teufel's Tuition

March 20, 2021

 Thrust into a high-stakes clown initiation, the new recruits must make a choice: partake in a series of gruesome challenges or escape before they face the malevolent wrath of the circus. 

 The circus is constantly on the lookout to welcome unsuspecting runaways in search of freedom and adventure. Many naïve young souls embark upon this pilgrimage, which leads them right into a mysterious carnival and the welcoming hands of Mr Teufel’s Circus. Ebullient by day, foreboding by night, the circus plays host to hundreds of new clowning recruits like you each year, but only a small number reach the circus ring. The rest never resurface. 

Your search for excitement leads you to the carnival grounds, which is littered with abandoned stalls and a cluster of eccentric folks. They point you to a funhouse mirror maze, in the direction of Ringmaster Teufel. Greeted by a labyrinth of warped reflections, you wait for Mr Teufel to appear. He escorts you to the grandiose big top tent to meet its inhabitants: a murder of Chelsea-smile adorned clowns, who are prepared with a series of macabre initiation challenges for you. As you soon find out, the circus is never easy, but running is always an option. Be careful though, the clowns don’t look well upon defectors and, since you left home behind, would anyone mind if you never returned? 

Full treatment available on request

Image by Alex Gagareen
Mr Teufel's Tuition: Work
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