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Image by Alessio Zaccaria

Lucifer's Landscape

June 10, 2021

On a desperate witch-hunt for the devil, guests must navigate through his own landscape before he catches them first.


Grimston, a small town in the southeast of England is the devil's handiwork. From suffocating trench corridors to lethal creeks, the devil breathes through his creation. Each year since, on All Hallows Eve he has returned among a parade of ghastly goblins to admire the work that he created and unleash new hell upon its residents. Each year, that was, until a butcher mistook him for a ram and slit him belly to throat. This year, whispers are resounding through town that he has returned, and calls for his head have been sent out. It is time for you to join the hunt.

Armed with a flashlight, your search for the devil pulls you through his cunning cleverly crafted scenery. Walking through, the ground surrounding the path begins to climb entrapping you in the Devil’s Ditch with only one way to go: forward. This leads you to the decimated remains of a church where the devil has run amuck. Beyond, the village is scarred by the devil's sinister influence; his victims terrorize the landscape along with creatures that do his bidding alike. After stumbling upon a butcher’s shop, however, where a crimson horned head is hung, the remainder of your hunt is marred by one searing question: has the devil returned in hope of a vicious vengeance?

Lucifer's Landscape: Work
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