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Dark Fortress

House on Haunted Hill

April 10, 2021

 Locked in on a sadistic pilgrimage to the murderous House on Haunted Hill, the thrill-seeking fanatics must escape, or join the homicidal ghosts of previous victims for an eternal stay. 

 Having played host to the gruesome murders of four women and five men, the House on Haunted Hill has become a popular pilgrimage spot for the fanatical followers of true crime the world over. Every year, on the anniversary of the tragic double death at Mr and Mrs Loren’s macabre party, these devotees flock to the house for a guided tour. Enthralled by the possibility of the supernatural, they come in the hope of witnessing history repeating itself, waiting to see the rumoured ghosts. This year, on the 50th anniversary of the party that turned perilous, you have joined the visit.

Guided by a sinister tour guide, you begin the exploration of the mansion, which is an immaculately preserved shrine to its grim history. That is, until your guide is mysteriously snatched from in front of you, becoming entrapped behind a locked door. Now alone, you make your uncertain way through the house, as bizarre, inexplicable happenings continue. A string of strange ghostly sightings leaves you to wonder, is it just the hysteria? Or is there indeed truth to the legends of the House on Haunted Hill? 

Created for the Themed Entertainment Creative Academy Course in Writing Seasonal Attractions as an exercise in working with IP, using William Castle's 1959 "House on Haunted Hill".

Full treatment available upon request.

House on Haunted Hill: Project
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