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Genzoya Noodles

November 20, 2021

Excited to taste a new menu at Genzoya Noodles, guests are lured into a magnificent mushroom infested biopunk noodle bar where they are forced to ask: is the food really all that it says on the tin?

The environment around us has changed. What was once a natural and diverse planet with lush greenery, beautiful mountains and deep red deserts was flattened and overtaken by cities cultivated by greed. Now, the landscape is taking over once more, with fungi seeping into cities and spores scattering the air. Driven by the need to adapt to this new environment, The Transgenic Comestibles Collective is an initiative dedicated to investigating how the genetic enhancement of a species can be executed using food. Looking to advance their technology, they have chosen Genzoya Noodles as the host restaurant for their first human trials, and you are their test subjects.

Guests, blissful in their oblivion, arrive at Genzoya Noodles with the promised prospect of sampling their new menu and the added excitement of building their own dish. As they order, they encounter the saltily sardonic Maggie, whose annoyance prompts her to reveal that the restaurant is not all it first appears, sending guests on a quest for more information. Using a buzzer dispensed to them after ordering, guests are invited to explore the restaurant, unveiling new clues to what is happening, whilst also engaging in mini-games to assess their abilities before and after eating. Whilst eating, further clues are revealed to them, based upon their choices, encouraging them to explore further after. They have to be careful though: the Professor, leader of the TCC is always on the lookout, and he doesn’t take well to meddlers.

Created as a collaborative project with Lars Van De Crommert

Genzoya Noodles: Project
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