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About Becca Ashworth


I am an English Literature and Creative Writing student from the UK, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. As a writer and storyteller, I am dedicated to creating the narratives in themed entertainment that enthral, engage and excite guests. Through cohesive and compelling detail-oriented storytelling, I aim to transport guests to new and convincing worlds, providing escapism through my collaboration with a team of designers to create a complete themed experience. 

Growing up, my first indication that I would end up in the amazing world of themed entertainment came through my childhood development of a museum for my family to experience, creating an extensive narrative and incorporating interactive elements. I remain interested in museum narrative, but also have developed an especial interest in writing Halloween attractions and experiences. I am also interested in crafting ride narrative and opportunities for gamification within themed entertainment.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Scrivener and Final Draft.

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